Or Are You Multitasking Because a Business Guru Told You So?

from spaceplay.nasa.gov

“Laser-focused” is one of those business buzzwords that everyone understands and few are truly able to follow. In the small business world…

And Other Meaningless Phrases Salespeople Use in Emails

Leslie Ye’s advice is the best: Check in with a purpose.

Her rule of thumb for “just checking in” emails to prospects is essentially this:

And 11 Other Tools to Bring Together a Disconnected Team

Definition of by Merriam-Webster

In my opinion, building and leading a global sales team is the highest art of leadership.

Because “global” is the epitome of a disconnected team…

They All Require Investment in Sales and Marketing

Gregory Berns, Psychiatrist and Author

So Only Use Phrases Clients Like to Hear

from I’ve Been Thinking About You by Londonbeat

When I read the article “11 Phrases That People Love to Hear,” written by Michael Thompson, I immediately fell…

Henning Schwinum

Chief Evangelist for Interim & Fractional Sales Leadership

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