5 Sales Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Master

Identifying the Problem or Pain Point

In order to enhance the value of their business, entrepreneurs must identify their audience and the problems that their product or service will be solving for that audience. Once you’ve identified the pain point, you’re far better equipped to demonstrate the value of what your business is offering. One of the biggest reasons that startups are not successful is directly tied to the fact that entrepreneurs are detached from their respective target markets. According to research by SalesForce , sales are lost because 82% of sales people are not aligned with the needs of their buyer. This is why high-performing salespeople — and entrepreneurs — learn as much about their prospect as possible.

Knowing Your Product and Believing in It

Entrepreneurs are dreamers and visionaries. It’s easy to passionately pursue our epiphanies without clearly articulating a plan for how our idea will meet an unmet need in the marketplace. And unfocused or untargeted epiphanies can lead to costly mistakes along your entrepreneurial journey.

Mastering the Art of the Pitch

Developing an excellent sales pitch plays a critical role in your entrepreneurial journey, and it happens to be one of the most under-developed sales skills in entrepreneurs. In order to increase your own confidence during investor meetings and, in turn, win over the confidence of your potential investors, entrepreneurs must craft and perfect their elevator pitch.

Being Persistent

Persistence is one of the primary characteristics of high-performing salespeople, which may explain why roughly 80% of sales are closed on the fifth to twelfth contact.

Rolling with Rejection

You won’t win every deal, and that’s ok. It’s simply the reality of being a salesperson — and an entrepreneur. And while it’s important to understand how you can improve, it’s critical to be able to move on easily from rejection and continue pushing onwards. Experts suggest that rejection becomes easier to handle when it’s viewed as proof that you’re pushing the limits. So, examine why you weren’t successful, then move quickly onwards to bigger and better deals.



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