So Only Use Phrases Clients Like to Hear

from I’ve Been Thinking About You by Londonbeat

When I read the article “11 Phrases That People Love to Hear,” written by Michael Thompson, I immediately fell…

And Hiring from the Outside Does Not Seem to Be a Good Option

A continually well-fitting quote

The title for this piece and some of the stats are coming from a recent DDI HR Leadership Insights Report.

Companies are bleeding leadership…

That Is Healthy Competition

A while back I was asked for a recommendation on tools to create healthy competition among their sales…

* Just kidding, there is no such thing.

from Don’t Pay the Ferryman by Chris de Burgh

The many, often conflicting goals a sales compensation plan is meant to achieve, in addition to the huge variety of products…

The Value of Reliability

from New York City Post Office in James A. Farley Building

“You are my rock.”

People think of rocks as stable, solid, and unchanging. So…

Henning Schwinum

Chief Evangelist for Interim & Fractional Sales Leadership

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