Consultant vs. Employee vs. Contractor

  • Leads: source, volume, quality, value, nurturing
  • Pipeline: volume, stages, quality, conversion
  • Marketing: strategy, people, programs, spend
  • Collateral: website, demo, hand-out, testimonial, case study
  • Products/Services: type, maturity
  • Messaging: script, versions
  • Markets: targets, ICPs, verticals, ranking
  • Personas: decision makers, influencers
  • Sales Process: end-to-end, documented, implemented
  • Type of Sale: length, DMs, complexity, key triggers
  • Deal structure: size, duration, recurring, renewal
  • Sales Team: size, structure, source, background, compensation, turn-over
  • Sales Hiring: past experiences
  • CRM: users, usage, end-to-end, integration, other systems
  • Competition: direct, indirect
  • Success: revenue, number of clients
  • Goals: 3/6/12 months, revenue, number of clients
  • For a one-off project, use a Sales Management Consultant.
  • If less specialization and a lot of time are required, a full-time VP of Sales is ideal.
  • For a high degree of specialization and less-than-full-time requirement, go with a Fractional or Interim Sales Leader.



Chief Evangelist for Interim & Fractional Sales Leadership

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