When To Bring Sales Leadership Into Your Startup

  • missing revenue;
  • making bad decisions, running trial and error, and having to redo or rebuild later;
  • founders spending their time inefficiently;
  • founders not spending their time where they can have a bigger impact.
  • (“ we need to generate some revenue first”) Sales is an investment, and Scott Stouffer recommends that B2B startups should manage sales & marketing spending like an investment portfolio. And McKinsey concludes research with, “senior executives in outperforming organizations embrace capability building.”
  • (“ we are busy hiring AEs and SDRs”) In many ways, that’s putting the cart before the horse. You are setting those hires up for failure without the right leadership and the foundational work around the sales process, messaging, rewards, coaching, etc.
  • (“ the product is not ready for primetime”) It always takes longer than anticipated to close a sale, especially the first couple of deals. If you anticipate a 90-day sales cycle, start six months before the product is ready with pre-sales activities.
  • To assist with critical problem-solving.
  • To capitalize on new opportunities.
  • To provide niche expertise.
  • To provide interim assistance.
  • To provide economies of scale.
  • To maximize a lean budget.




Chief Evangelist for Interim & Fractional Sales Leadership

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Henning Schwinum

Henning Schwinum

Chief Evangelist for Interim & Fractional Sales Leadership

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